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Tax Attorney – In this case, the chancery court said, the revenue agency’s calculation of tax based on the taxpayer’s gross sales, without allowing for the credit for sales taxes paid, is incorrect. In this case, the chancery court noted, while the taxpayer kept records of its gross sales, it did not keep records of the tangible products it purchased and upon which it paid sales tax. A related question is whether the taxpayer’s purchases of tangible goods on which he paid sales tax qualified as wholesale purchases, despite his not having registered for a sales tax license. It’s interpretation of section 27-65-3 says that for gross sales the taxpayer made before obtaining a seller’s permit, the revenue agency cannot calculate and assess the sales tax due if the taxpayer can’t provide the information on the retail taxes it paid on business purchases. The attorney furnishes a tangible document to the client, but the attorney is not assessed sales tax on the cost of the paper. The attorney as well communicate with the preparer of tax income or the accountant of the client.

Although some of them might sound good at the outset, like relieving federal income tax for lower and middle class brackets, they might not be the best for even those individuals in the long run, with taxes being added through property or sales that affects them in a bigger way. The court noted that the taxpayer testified that DVDs and flash drives cost approximately $2, and that he had paid sales tax on these as well as on the other products purchased in connection with his wedding photography business. For example, the taxpayer probably purchased the DVDs and flash drives in bulk, and it’s equally probable that the suppliers have kept the sales records. The revenue agency therefore calculated the sales tax due based on the taxpayer’s gross sales. Thus, the agency is attempting to assess a tax that is not authorized by statute.

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One question that the chancery court’s opinion raises is what resolution the revenue agency. As one might expect, litigation exploded. Contact our offices today to set up a consultation with one of our experienced tax litigation attorneys. The job of that attorney is only getting bigger as it’s now clear Trump is being investigated for one of his most conspicuous abuses of the system: inflating the price of his properties when reporting their worth to obtain loans and investments, then drastically reducing their reported worth when paying his taxes.

It is not impossible to interpret a statute or regulation in such a way to encompass the new technology; however, courts like the one in EKB Inc. ’ attempts to expand the law. He needs to be clear and tactical regarding the way he approaches the legal issues. In an interview with Bloomberg, the attorney involved made it clear he was being paid “to represent Donald Trump,” not in any official capacity, but as an individual. Every style of financial predicament that an individual goes through. Realities of the individual payers. Also knowing your state laws about immigration is important in this case. EKB Inc. is what can happen when a technology advances to create something “new,” like digital photography, but the state’s laws and regulations are not updated accordingly. Regulations beyond their obvious intention. Moreover, the statute further provides that the credit will be allowed during audit, and any final calculation of sales tax due must take the credit into account. Whether you owe back taxes, have been notified of an IRS audit, or need to file an appeal, we can help you.

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The hotel and the OTA will have negotiated a wholesale rate of a room, which will be less than the price the hotel charges for similar accommodations. The OTA remits tax to the hotel based on the room’s wholesale rate. From their perspective, tax is levied on the room’s retail rate, which is the price paid by the traveler for the room, regardless of any underlying arrangements between the hotel and the OTA. When a traveler books a hotel room directly, the hotel is the merchant of record and collects tax on the price it sets for the room. The traveler pays the OTA’s price for the room – that is, the wholesale rate plus the OTA’s markup.

The hotel is the merchant of record, collects tax on the price it set for the room, and pays the agent’s commission in a separate transaction. The result was that hotels regained control over retail pricing while leaving OTAs as merchants of record on stand-alone hotel bookings. Hotels responded to the loss of control over their pricing structure by negotiating into their agreements with OTAs a provision that ensured OTAs could not discount rooms below the hotel’s retail pricing. OTAs had begun negotiating with hotels in the late 1990s to sell hotel rooms at wholesale, unbundled from other travel components.