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Tax Attorney – If you refuse to pay or fail to pay, it will send a Final Notice of Intent to Levy and a Notice of Your Right to a Hearing. Malibu real estate agents can list property in Malibu that is for sale in this area, a lot of it being very high end, right online. Our tax group works in close collaboration with colleagues from corporate law, real estate, public and project finance, private client services, health law, labor and employment, and mergers and acquisitions on a full range of business matters. We serve public and private companies, joint ventures, real estate interests, high net worth individuals, and exempt organizations. Whether you’re starting a business or you anticipate having a taxable estate when you die, a tax attorney can help you navigate the complex and technical field of tax law. It will not only help you to eliminate your financial troubles, but it will likewise cease the levy procedure.

A tax levy is a procedure that is used to collect money, but it can be carried out in various ways. You can claim that you owe the tax but are not able to pay it, that the IRS is incorrect and you do not owe the tax, or that it would be unfair for the IRS to collect the tax. Fit. There are plenty of good attorneys out there; make sure you find one you are comfortable working with. But our tax attorneys provide tactical advice for as long as a business decision has tax implications, which can be several years or several decades. Generally, if this is your argument, you will need to offer to pay an amount equivalent to what your assets are worth, along with the money that the IRS thinks that it can collect from your future income for 4-5 years. You need to have filed a tax return, and the IRS must have assessed income tax debt at least 240 days before you file a bankruptcy petition. The taxes at issue need to be income tax debt that is at least three years old, and you cannot have perpetrated fraud or willful tax evasion.

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Tax fraud can involve a misrepresentation of income to the IRS. The IRS usually levies only after assessing tax and sending a tax bill. You can reduce your IRS or state tax debt through a negotiation with a taxing agency to reduce a tax bill by making an offer in compromise. If you need assistance with your back taxes owed to the IRS, it is ok to seek representation from a qualified tax attorney, enrolled agent or CPA but make sure they are local or be careful if they are a national firm in another state requiring you to send them huge amounts of money ahead of time while promising to settle your IRS tax debt. We have a thorough screening process that enables us to ensure you get the best possible legal assistance for your tax matter. The Board of Equalization sometimes has initiated criminal tax fraud actions based on sales tax audits, which makes it important for small business owners to approach the audit with careful assistance from a professional.

Taxpayers who are unsatisfied with the results of an IRS audit can appeal the outcome to the IRS Appeals office in their area. Taxpayers who have exposure to potential criminal liability or substantial civil penalties because of a willful failure to report foreign financial assets can pay the tax that is due with regard to those assets through the Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program (OVDP). The penalties assessed on unpaid payroll tax/unpaid employment tax deposits or filings can improve dramatically in the make any difference of months. How Does our Tax Attorney Service Work? At Ronald Cutler, P.A., we are here to meet with you when you need us seven days a week, offering weekend appointments for those who are working during the week and cannot break away for a meeting with their attorney.

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No matter how large or high risk the issues that you are dealing with, we have a long track record of delivering the best possible outcome within the circumstances of each individual case. During court proceedings only the attorney can handle the case in your behalf since he/she is qualified to properly analyze legal issues and advice clients of their rights.