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Tax Attorney – A good tax attorney knows how to speak an auditor’s language, from the right answers to the right time to stay silent. An attorney can request abatement of penalties and interest as well as determine if the agency has miscalculated or gone past the allowable time to assess the liability. Many of us have a background in general corporate and tax matters and also concentrate in one or more particular areas of tax law, including corporate, real estate transactions, partnerships and limited liability companies, state and local, exempt organizations, banking, international and individual taxation and estate planning. Our areas of expertise and services include ad valorem, asset protection, civil and criminal tax litigation, consulting, controversy, corporate, ERISA, estate planning, franchise, income tax, state tax, international, IRS audit, mergers and acquisitions, partnership, personal, planning, federal tax credits related to renewable energy and research and development expenses, property, real estate, reorganizations and white-collar defense.

As business becomes increasingly international, business planners must always consider the tax implications of international and cross-border transactions. Gray Reed’s Tax Department provides experienced legal counsel to clients on all matters arising from international, federal, state and local tax laws. Hiring a tax attorney will help you to make the tax audit as smooth and penalty-free as possible. You then will be allowed to contact your attorney. If you’re audited, you will need to withhold the services of a skilled lawyer. The tax lawyer should also have questions for you as well to determine if you would be a good fit for their services. When it comes to tax controversy, we provide clients with experienced representation in tax examinations/audits, protests to the IRS Office of Appeals, and in equivalent state and local appeals functions. Signing IRS Form 2848 allows a tax attorney to represent you before the IRS, so you can leave IRS communication to your lawyer.

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To be a Tax Attorney typically requires 2 -4 years of related experience. Then enter an eventual properly timed (aged) bankruptcy but this approach cannot be guaranteed in light of the admission of tax fraud that takes place in a voluntary disclosure. Those contemplating an eventual bankruptcy that have a history of committing tax fraud might consider first going through a domestic / offshore voluntary disclosure to get all prior years properly assessed. Taxpayer’s with a history of non-filing may be tempted to file all delinquent returns, get them properly assessed and properly aged and then enter a properly timed (aged) bankruptcy but this approach cannot be guaranteed as well.

It may be possible to file a non-consumer case if more than half of the debtor’s debts are deemed non-consumer. This is likely due to the fact that, under the BAPCPA, debtors who wish to file Chapter 7 must pass a “Means Test” comparing their incomes against the applicable median: an effort by the BAPCPA to curb abuse of bankruptcy laws. In addition to medical and credit card debt, other dischargeable debts in bankruptcy generally include past-due utilities, past-due rent, business debts, certain court judgments, and – under narrow circumstances – student loans meeting certain criteria (the “Brunner Test”).

As our IRS tax debt attorneys noted above, tax debts are generally treated as non-dischargeable (and, in Chapter 13 cases, must typically be repaid). The State of Texas prides itself on its business-friendly regulations and its aversion to income taxes while downplaying the many forms of tax that it does impose, which include ad valorem taxes, sales and use tax, franchise tax, etc. Just as in the case of federal tax planning and controversy work, we provide cost-effective solutions to our clients’ tax issues, which are designed to address the matter at hand and reduce the likelihood of reoccurrence. First, let us address the widely-held misconception that tax debts are non-dischargeable. First let us talk about property abstracts.

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We also contribute to the Texas Tax Talk blog, which is a resource for developments, commentary and analysis relating to state and federal tax issues. Examples of priority debts include child support-related debts, alimony-related debts, and “priority tax debts.” Most tax debts are considered “priority,” including payroll, excise, and employment tax debts, in addition to more recent income tax debts.