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Tax Attorney – This is why most tax attorneys will set up a consultation meeting with you to explore your situation and gain an idea of the potential costs and time required. Check out the full set of Tax Law Q&As, along with Q&As from dozens of other practice areas, in Practice Perspectives: Vault’s Guide to Legal Practice Areas. In Practice Perspectives: Vault’s Guide to Legal Practice Areas, tax lawyers from top-ranked firms answer these questions and more. Rachel Kleinberg: One of the challenges with tax law is that there is not a lot of busy work, and there is a steep learning curve. The tax code is constantly changing, and clients consistently present novel issues, so I view tax as a life-long learning practice area. Not to mention, the tax code isn’t exactly a quick read-where does someone unfamiliar with it even begin? If someone wants to become an attorney, they have different options for which type of law they wants to pursue their career in.

What training, classes, experience, or skills development would you recommend to someone who wishes to enter your practice area? Sarah E. Ralph: We have many amazing lawyers in our practice group who did not take any tax classes in law school, so I don’t view this as a prerequisite. I took as many classes as were available to me and am always reading up on new laws as well as articles by tax scholars and practitioners. Cate Battin and Andy Roberson: Those interested in practicing in the tax area should take full advantage of the tax classes offered by their law schools to gain a broad base of tax knowledge. Whether they are full time tax attorneys or they practice tax law as part of a bigger practice such as estate planning, real estate, divorce, corporate and business law, or acting as outside counsel – tax law is everywhere. As a tax lawyer, you will always be learning substantive law, which keeps things interesting and fulfilling.

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Rachel Kleinberg: Succeeding in tax law requires a love of learning. What makes us different than any other tax firm? We have also benefitted greatly from participating in networking groups, whether through a local bar association or our firm. However, I have a bachelor’s degree in English and find that my job is primarily writing and researching. Early in their careers, associates are performing substantive analysis and are involved in every aspect of a tax deal, ranging from marking up an agreement to researching issues. This is another reason why they are in such demand because it is a necessary part of all business transactions.

Catherine (“Cate”) Battin and Andrew (“Andy”) Roberson, Partners-McDermott Will & Emery: Tax considerations are a part of every major transaction and must be considered along with the business reasons for each transaction. You also have to do your part. You have got to retain the services of a financial debt pay out firm tax attorney who is seasoned as well as qualified to enable them to make a deal or an arrangement on your behalf with your debt collectors. Where possible, our profiles will also include links to the tax lawyer’s personal biography, firm website, and other relevant information to consider.

Copper Canyon, a tax attorney Phoenix firm can analyze your ability to pay and and work out a minimal payment arrangement on your tax debt. Whenever there raises a conflict in the proper payment of taxes, the penalty charges of the government may throw the client in an awkward position. This can be because it’s the first year that you’ve had to file difficult taxes (i.e., trusts) or because you’ve let tax payments add up – no matter what the situation is, there is help. For the year 2010, the estate tax will also be repealed for one year. In it, you will find answers to some of the questions that you may have concerning your tax problems. Often think we just prepare tax returns. I think the best skills new tax lawyers can bring are curiosity and a desire to learn, enthusiasm, the ability to distill complex matters into plain English (both in writing and when talking to others), attention to detail, and pride in doing good work.

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