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Tax Attorney – Whether you are a young business with taxation concerns regarding structure and strategic tax planning, or a well-established corporation in need of tax guidance for a merger or acquisition, Parr Brown’s tax planning attorneys are prepared to assist you. In that case, a tax controversy lawyer could help structure an installment payment agreement, help obtain an Offer in Compromise, or advise as to whether or not bankruptcy would be a solution to the tax problem. Should the business have an audit or be behind on taxes, the corporate tax attorney will represent the business at the audit, litigate a settlement on a taxes-due case, or appeal a tax decision on behalf of the company.

He or she will handle your audit with the IRS on your behalf. Have you been contacted by the IRS or Massachusetts Department of Revenue about a potential audit? Joe works to resolve all Internal Revenue Service (IRS) or New York State Department of Taxation and Finance tax matters quickly and efficiently, and strives to help his clients get the results they need. Tax evasion, or even tax scams, is recognized as a significant criminal offense, particularly in which the IRS can be involved, and they’ll not be worried about whether the actual criminal offense had been deliberate or merely an accident; these people are only thinking about obtaining that which they really feel you must pay back or even transmitting you off to prison in the event you neglect to conform.

Technically anyone over the age of 18 years of age can represent you before the OTA, however, since the OTA procedures are tied to the California Administrative Procedures Act which allow for discovery, filing legal briefs, and potential hearsay, and other evidentiary objections it’s not optimal for taxpayers to be represented by anyone other than a California tax litigation attorney before the OTA. For more in-depth information, view our corporate and tax litigation pages, or contact any of the tax attorneys shown below today. Sometimes tax controversy attorneys are referred to as tax litigation attorneys, tax dispute attorneys, or tax problem attorneys, but it means the same thing. Both full-service cases and consultations are personally handled by one of our partner attorneys, ensuring our clients receive incomparable quality of service and expertise. If you need a tax controversy attorney, one very helpful measure is whether the attorney has previously worked for the IRS. For example, the IRS might impose an “accuracy penalty” for errors made on a tax return.

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For example, starting a business in a foreign country. Anyone with tangible experience in human resources might feel the necessity of starting a HR consulting business to explore the available opportunities. If one expects to get tax elimination by filing for bankruptcy, an expert’s opinion is probably even more a necessity. If you have a corporate tax issue, contact Terri Brunsdon at Brunsdon Law Firm today to get advice on how to best resolve it. With many lawyers having experience in both tax law and accounting, we are able to provide your business with comprehensive legal approaches that maximize your company’s tax efficiency.

Parr Brown’s Utah tax attorneys provide corporate and other business clients with technical tax expertise concerning strategic tax planning, corporate and partnership taxation, tax litigation, international tax, and other legal matters. Terri Brunsdon of Brunsdon Law Firm in Akron, Ohio is a good corporate tax attorney. Because the Board of Tax Appeals is an administrative agency that has quasi-judicial functions, a lawyer with administrative law and tax law experience, and with specific experience handling matters involving this Board, it may assist in working through complex tax matters.

If you are planning to opt for the Miami tax attorney, civil audits attorney Miami, Ft Lauderdale tax lawyer then make sure that you consider certain vital aspects. James Kutten is an ex IRS tax attorney. Attorneys who have worked for the IRS in the past have a unique perspective having seen things from the inside. Because of the complexity of the state and federal tax laws and the frequency in which they change, corporations need to have a knowledgeable representative who stays current with these laws. The crime of tax evasion requires the IRS to prove that a substantial amount of tax was due at the time of the alleged evasion.

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Not only do they need to be in compliance with the IRS and state laws, but often they need to be fully documented. This certification is currently held by only eight attorneys in the entire state. Mr. Kaczmarek also serves on the State Bar’s Board of Legal Certification. The California State Bar does not certify any of these subspecialties. Terri is a member of the Ohio Bar Association, a CPA in both Ohio and WV, and holds a Master in Tax degree. The Ohio Board of Tax Appeals is a quasi-judicial, administrative state agency that functions as Ohio’s administrative tax court.